Best of thai dramas

Thai Lakorn

I discovered thai Lakorns (drama) thanks to Full House (thai version). At first I watched the Korean version, then somehow, I saw they made a thai version. I wanted to try it as I loved the first one. And I must say, the Thai Remake is the best of them.

Why Thai Lakorns are different? Well, culturally, they are different from China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which make their dramas even more different. Most of thai « romance’ dramas are Slap & Kiss or revenge dramas.

Kiss & Slap dramas : the Male Lead kiss the Female Lead by force and gets slapped by her, or she slaps him for some reason or talks too much) so he kisses her to stop her.

Revenge / Hate to Love: The parents were friends, but one of them betrayed so the kid (usually the Male Lead wants to revenge of their kid (the female llead). Or, there was a suicide or someone died because of one of the Main Lead actor, so the other ML wants to revenge but falls in love.

I would say, Lakorns are more realistic but exagerated.

Sapai Import – 2020

สะใภ้อิมพอร์ต / Imported daughter-in-law Synopsis: Lisa comes back to Thailand after graduating from England and discovers that her parents are on debt. Don has to marry and have a child within a year in order to become the successor of their family farm. Don’s mother loves Lisa, she pays off her debt. So when she…

My Husband in Law – 2020 – English Sub

Native Title: อกเกือบหักแอบรักคุณสามี / Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee Synopsis Muey and Thien lives together since she entered university. She has been in love with him since high school but Thien ony sees her as a clumsy girl. To save him from a powerful man (mafia) they entered in a contract marriage. Muey aime…

FULL HOUSE – Thai Drama – Drama Thaïlandais

Synyopsis Aom’s two bestfriends sent her to Korea for a trip. When she came back, the house (which was designed by her father) was already sold to Miike, a selfish actor, In order to get her house back, she enters in a contract-marraige. We’ll follolw their daily life full of acomic events and love triangle.…

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