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Sapai Import – 2020

สะใภ้อิมพอร์ต / Imported daughter-in-law

Synopsis: Lisa comes back to Thailand after graduating from England and discovers that her parents are on debt. Don has to marry and have a child within a year in order to become the successor of their family farm. Don’s mother loves Lisa, she pays off her debt. So when she asked Lisa to marry her son, Lisa and Don both refused till her she tells them she only has 6 months to live. They get marry and promise to divorce after six months.

Lisa rentre à Thaïlande après ses études en Angleterre et apprend que son père a fait faillite. Don, de son côté, doit se marier et avoir un enfant dans l’année qui suit afin de devenir l’hériter de leur ferme familiale. La mère de Don aime Lisa depuis leur première rencontre en Angleterre, elle l’aide donc à rembourser ses dettes. Lorsqu’elle demande à Lisa d’épouser son fils, elle refuse jusqu’à ce qu’elle déclare n’avoir que six mois à vivre.

Review: 10/10 – I love this drama, and watched it in 48 hours. Yes yes! Didn’t sleep at all !! It’s super funny, there isn’t any evil Mother in Law or evil sister in law, in fact, you’ll love these two characters. All the characters played very well. If you love skinship and real kisses, then this drama is for you !!!

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Watch the drama on justanothermuse. You’ll have to give a donation (even 5 dollars is enough and you’ll get a life time account. The money is given to support them, as they do it for free. Otherwise you can watch it for free here (those videos were stolen from justanothermuse’s website) – Episode 1 – Episode 2 – Episode 3 – Episode 4 – Episode 5 – Episode 6 – Episode 7 – Episode 8 – Episode 9Episode 10 Episode 11 – Episode 12 – Episode 13 – Episode 14 – Episode 15 – Episode 16 – Episode 17 


My Husband in Law – 2020 – English Sub

Native Title: อกเกือบหักแอบรักคุณสามี / Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee


Muey and Thien lives together since she entered university. She has been in love with him since high school but Thien ony sees her as a clumsy girl. To save him from a powerful man (mafia) they entered in a contract marriage.

Muey aime Thien depuis le lycée, mais il ne la voit que comme une fille banale et maladroite. Thien avait une relation avec la femme d’un homme puissant qui le menace de le tuer. Pour sauver sa peau, il se marie avec Muey le temps de régler les problèmes

REVIEW I really love this drama and would note it 10/10. It has the eaxt amount of love and romance. There is a great chemistry between the Main Leads. The female lead is smart, and the male lead is not as mean as he shows. If you are new to Thai dramas, you’ll definitly love it.

Watch My Husband in Law with English subtitles

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